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The Day We Had a Star Wars Party

amy   May 5, 2016   Comments Off on The Day We Had a Star Wars Party

Sometimes you have to admit things for what they are and, the truth is, I’m not crafty. I could tell you it’s because I’m a busy mom of four. I could say it’s because of the impact cancer has had on my health. I could also plead that I’m putting a great deal of energy into this part-time writing gig,… Read more »

The Day Reproduction Retired

  Giving birth was a different experience with each of my children. With Baby #1, I was under general anesthesia for an emergency c-section at 35 weeks because of placenta previa. I remember laying in the operating room on my back, thinking about how uncomfortable I was, and then, an instant later, waking up in recovery with a flat stomach…. Read more »

The Day I Defined Adulting

  Over the past month, social media has been abuzz with talk of the Buddy Bench, a designated seat near a school’s recess area where kids can go if they feel they need a friend. When other children see one of their peers sitting on the bench, they can invite that person to play, or engage him/her in conversation. This concept’s… Read more »

The Day I Had Jokes

amy   April 7, 2016   2 Comments on The Day I Had Jokes

My children have never bought lunch at school. For Baby #1, who has a strong history of selectiveness when it comes to food, this is for the simplest of reasons: to make sure she eats. This is a girl that, during toddlerhood, would only eat a vegetable if it was steamed sweet potatoes, doused in cinnamon, and mashed until smooth…. Read more »

They Day We Stopped Dying Eggs

Five out of six members of my household refuse to eat hard-boiled eggs. Confronted with that knowledge, the yearly tradition of dying eggs to celebrate Easter makes no sense in our home. There are only so many eggs I can stomach over the course of a week, and, with four little sets of hands wanting to decorate, we are talking… Read more »

The Day Baby #3 Asked About Cancer

There are some questions I dread being asked by my kids: “Can I tell you something and you won’t get mad?” “Where do babies come from?” “What happens if I draw on the wall?” “What’s that horrible smell? Is that DINNER?!?” All week long, Baby #3, my Kindergartener, has been home sick. It began with insomnia Saturday into Sunday, and… Read more »

The Day I Attempted to Make Valentine Treats

Crafty and creative? Not labels that one would use to describe my attempts at baking and gift-giving. Impatient with detail and short on skill? Those sound more like it. Back in January, I was shopping—-nay, child-wrangling while attempting to purchase items off of a list—-in Target with all four kids when we came upon the Valentine Day merchandise. You know… Read more »

The Day My Kids Will Understand My Cancer

amy   January 21, 2016   Comments Off on The Day My Kids Will Understand My Cancer

  My children are, without a doubt, genetically related to me. Each has a unique conception story in the annals of family lore which, don’t worry, I won’t share with you. I delivered Baby #1 via c-section, under general anesthesia, at 35 weeks because of partial placenta previa and low progesterone levels.  I delivered Baby #2 VBAC with an epidural. For Baby… Read more »

The Day Worms Were on the Driveway

Lately I’ve fallen back into some worn, comfortable habits. Instead of consistently preparing a healthy, balanced meal, I’ve thrown frozen fishsticks in the oven and sliced up whatever fruit is on hand. I’ve convinced myself that pushing a full shopping cart around BJ’s Wholesale Club and loading its contents into the minivan’s trunk count as a daily workout. I’ve told… Read more »

The Day We Played Name Your Favorite

The kids and I are playing a new game this week. It’s called “Name Your Favorite, ” and this is how it began: We were sitting in the local Dairy Queen after a successful well-check at the pediatrician’s office. This Dairy Queen is the creme de la creme of the ice cream franchise: indoor seating, overdone seasonal decorations, and the… Read more »