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The Day I Made My Son Anxious

amy   June 23, 2016   Comments Off on The Day I Made My Son Anxious

  It was 7:30 AM, and a full week since the last day of school. Baby #2 perched at the end of a kitchen chair, his eyes watching me as I emptied the dishwasher. “So, now what?” he asked timidly, studying my body language and facial expression. I could see the tension in his shoulders and the anxiety in his… Read more »

The Day I Didn’t Scratch My Face Off

It’s springtime! Signs of life are all around us, with little critters and animals scurrying about, flowers in full bloom, and trees filling out their canopies of leaves…and I want to pop out my eyeballs, dunk them in Benedryl, and stay holed up in my air-conditioned house until…oh, I don’t know…maybe winter? Since my breast cancer diagnosis, seasonal allergies, which began in… Read more »

The Day Reproduction Retired

  Giving birth was a different experience with each of my children. With Baby #1, I was under general anesthesia for an emergency c-section at 35 weeks because of placenta previa. I remember laying in the operating room on my back, thinking about how uncomfortable I was, and then, an instant later, waking up in recovery with a flat stomach…. Read more »

The Day I Had Jokes

amy   April 7, 2016   2 Comments on The Day I Had Jokes

My children have never bought lunch at school. For Baby #1, who has a strong history of selectiveness when it comes to food, this is for the simplest of reasons: to make sure she eats. This is a girl that, during toddlerhood, would only eat a vegetable if it was steamed sweet potatoes, doused in cinnamon, and mashed until smooth…. Read more »

The Day I Danced MJ’s Thriller for BRCA2 Testing

At the time of my diagnosis, I was 36 years old, with no family history of breast cancer. The doctor tested me for a genetic cause, as is standard practice. When the test came back positive for the BRCA2 mutation, I was not the only one affected. The genetic counselor and I met to discuss the cancer history in my family tree,… Read more »

The Day Baby #3 Asked About Cancer

There are some questions I dread being asked by my kids: “Can I tell you something and you won’t get mad?” “Where do babies come from?” “What happens if I draw on the wall?” “What’s that horrible smell? Is that DINNER?!?” All week long, Baby #3, my Kindergartener, has been home sick. It began with insomnia Saturday into Sunday, and… Read more »

The Day I Lived Groundhog’s Day Again–and Again

This week, I met a lovely woman who suffered a stroke a year ago. She and I commiserated over short term memory issues and word finding difficulties. She told me how, after her recovery was established, she and her family would laugh when she misspoke. She said they were patient when she recounted the same grocery store incident three times,… Read more »

The Day My Kids Will Understand My Cancer

amy   January 21, 2016   Comments Off on The Day My Kids Will Understand My Cancer

  My children are, without a doubt, genetically related to me. Each has a unique conception story in the annals of family lore which, don’t worry, I won’t share with you. I delivered Baby #1 via c-section, under general anesthesia, at 35 weeks because of partial placenta previa and low progesterone levels.  I delivered Baby #2 VBAC with an epidural. For Baby… Read more »

The Day I Was Thankful

amy   November 26, 2015   4 Comments on The Day I Was Thankful

When I saw Angelina Jolie’s comment saying “I actually love being in menopause”, I rolled my eyes. I have been grateful for her honesty about carrying the BRCA1 genetic mutation. She has done much to raise awareness of the plight of previvors, as those who are cancer-free but carriers of cancer-causing genetic mutations are now being referred to as. I… Read more »