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The Day I Posed Topless

amy   October 8, 2015   4 Comments on The Day I Posed Topless

I know a talented photographer named Corinne. In fact, I’ve known her for her entire life. We grew up in the same neighborhood, and I babysat her and her older brother when I was a teenager. We spent hours beating away on toy drums and singing our renditions of Disney songs. We played “paramedics”, a game where they would lay… Read more »

The Day My Baldness Went Public

    My oncologist was adamant that the cocktail of chemo drugs I would be receiving would cause hair loss. He did assure me that my signature curls had a high probability of returning after treatment, and that my hair would likely come back its natural color. I wasn’t upset or worried about it. My sister-in-law, Kaylie, is a stylist…. Read more »