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The Day I Glued Stickers to a T-Shirt…Again

amy   February 9, 2017   Comments Off on The Day I Glued Stickers to a T-Shirt…Again

There isn’t much I wouldn’t do for the teachers at my kids’ schools. I’ve covered over 60 cereal boxes with red construction paper for Valentine’s Day mailboxes. I’ve spent hours shelving books in the student library. I’ve scoured the internet for classroom party games that meet a narrow field of expectations. I’ve even spent entire days outside to supervise Field… Read more »

The Day I Danced MJ’s Thriller for BRCA2 Testing

At the time of my diagnosis, I was 36 years old, with no family history of breast cancer. The doctor tested me for a genetic cause, as is standard practice. When the test came back positive for the BRCA2 mutation, I was not the only one affected. The genetic counselor and I met to discuss the cancer history in my family tree,… Read more »

The Day We Played Name Your Favorite

The kids and I are playing a new game this week. It’s called “Name Your Favorite, ” and this is how it began: We were sitting in the local Dairy Queen after a successful well-check at the pediatrician’s office. This Dairy Queen is the creme de la creme of the ice cream franchise: indoor seating, overdone seasonal decorations, and the… Read more »

The Day I Didn’t Have It Together

The other day I saw an acquaintance that I haven’t spoken to since before I began this blog. She commented on how great my hair looks (because it’s long enough now to help others forget I had breast cancer) and how color is back in my face (I wasn’t sure if this referred to the lack of chemo’s graying effects… Read more »

The Day I Almost Set Myself on Fire

amy   August 6, 2015   Comments Off on The Day I Almost Set Myself on Fire

When it was recommended to me that I have both breasts removed, I was fine with that. Truly, I was. I had felt one lump in my left breast, the ultrasound found two there, and, after surgery, a third area was discovered close to the chest wall. Even though my right breast had done nothing to offend me, I wasn’t… Read more »