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The Day Grandmom Smacked My Head

amy   January 26, 2017   Comments Off on The Day Grandmom Smacked My Head

In certain circles, my mouthiness is the stuff of lore, and I’m known to be short-tempered, too. There was the time I was behind the wheel as a student at Penn State with a friend in the passenger’s seat. Mounds of snow were everywhere, and the parking lot was slick with ice. As I carefully backed my brown Dodge Colt… Read more »

The Day of The Special

amy   November 10, 2016   Comments Off on The Day of The Special

I rolled my eyes at Baby #4’s nursery school teacher last week. She had handed me a packet of papers for his turn to be “The Special Person of the Day.” I immediately thought of The Lego Movie, and thought I should send him to school with a glue lid strapped to his back. Come on, I am all for… Read more »

The Day We Didn’t Have to Hug

amy   June 8, 2016   Comments Off on The Day We Didn’t Have to Hug

  Most of my family roots are in Italy and Sicily. I belong to the same church that my great-grandparents did, and every summer we celebrate the feasts of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Santissimo Salvatore, and Madonna del Soccorso di Sciacca in the streets. We believe in big, hearty meals served around a large table, family-style. All of our… Read more »

The Day I Went with Option B

amy   May 19, 2016   Comments Off on The Day I Went with Option B

  Sheryl Sandberg gave a commencement speech that has gone viral this week. Sandberg, she of Facebook and Lean In fame, didn’t talk to the Berkeley graduating class about finding inspiration and embracing successes. Instead, she told them that “In the face of any challenge, you can choose joy and meaning.” She took an insightful approach, and tasked herself with explaining the… Read more »

The Day I Defined Adulting

  Over the past month, social media has been abuzz with talk of the Buddy Bench, a designated seat near a school’s recess area where kids can go if they feel they need a friend. When other children see one of their peers sitting on the bench, they can invite that person to play, or engage him/her in conversation. This concept’s… Read more »

The Day I Had Jokes

amy   April 7, 2016   2 Comments on The Day I Had Jokes

My children have never bought lunch at school. For Baby #1, who has a strong history of selectiveness when it comes to food, this is for the simplest of reasons: to make sure she eats. This is a girl that, during toddlerhood, would only eat a vegetable if it was steamed sweet potatoes, doused in cinnamon, and mashed until smooth…. Read more »

The Day Books Got Me Through

amy   March 3, 2016   Comments Off on The Day Books Got Me Through

  Reading, and the escapism it affords, have been comforts in my life for as long as I can remember. It was disappointing to me, after giving birth to Baby #1, to discover that my new-found “Mommy Brain” was mucking that up. It was difficult to concentrate on what I was reading when I could actually stay awake long enough… Read more »

The Day I Lived Groundhog’s Day Again–and Again

This week, I met a lovely woman who suffered a stroke a year ago. She and I commiserated over short term memory issues and word finding difficulties. She told me how, after her recovery was established, she and her family would laugh when she misspoke. She said they were patient when she recounted the same grocery store incident three times,… Read more »

The Day I Judged Too Quickly

amy   December 3, 2015   Comments Off on The Day I Judged Too Quickly

    Writers are an arrogant breed. We carry ourselves with the conviction that we have something worthwhile to say, that we should not only be allowed to express our thoughts, but that those ideas should also be received. We convey our observations so that the reader can view the world through our eyes, and with the hope that our… Read more »

The Day I Gave up on Time Drains

It’s true, we all do it. Each one of us has intended to complete a task planning to stay focused and motivated, and then we find ourselves distracted and moving in a different direction. I’m as guilty as the next person for getting mixed up with time drains. A sampling: Web surfing: I’ll start out with good intentions, going to… Read more »