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The Day I Took in the Noise

When people look at me, what do they see? If I’m at the gym, maybe they notice that my t-shirt doesn’t lay across my chest normally, or that I tend to favor my left arm. If I’m attending an evening meeting, maybe they notice that I’m showing signs of fatigue, and that how I articulate is different then than it… Read more »

The Day I Defined Adulting

  Over the past month, social media has been abuzz with talk of the¬†Buddy Bench, a designated seat near a school’s recess area where kids can go if they feel they need a friend. When other children see one of their peers sitting on the bench, they can invite that person to play, or engage him/her in conversation. This concept’s… Read more »

The Day Worms Were on the Driveway

Lately I’ve fallen back into some worn, comfortable habits. Instead of consistently preparing a healthy, balanced meal, I’ve thrown frozen fishsticks in the oven and sliced up whatever fruit is on hand. I’ve convinced myself that pushing a full shopping cart around BJ’s Wholesale Club and loading its contents into the minivan’s trunk count as a daily workout. I’ve told… Read more »

The Day I Judged Too Quickly

amy   December 3, 2015   Comments Off on The Day I Judged Too Quickly

    Writers are an arrogant breed. We carry ourselves with the conviction that we have something worthwhile to say, that we should not only be allowed to express our thoughts, but that those ideas should also be received. We convey our observations so that the reader can view the world through our eyes, and with the hope that our… Read more »