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They Day We Stopped Dying Eggs

Five out of six members of my household refuse to eat hard-boiled eggs. Confronted with that knowledge, the yearly tradition of dying eggs to celebrate Easter makes no sense in our home. There are only so many eggs I can stomach over the course of a week, and, with four little sets of hands wanting to decorate, we are talking… Read more »

The Day I Wasn’t Indifferent

  It isn’t like I lived in a selfish vacuum before breast cancer and BRCA2 entered my life. I didn’t. I gave to my church’s weekly collection. I left out canned goods for the Post Office’s yearly food drive and bagged up our unneeded clothing and home goods for Purple Heart’s collections. If the kids’ schools ran a charity drive, asking for gently-used books… Read more »

The Day My Friend Found a Lump

You know when you post on Facebook about that embarrassing trip over your own feet, the one that had you sprawled out across the floor in an awkward position in the grocery aisle, protectively holding the bananas in the air like they are worth millions? There are three types of friends that will immediately acknowledge that post upon reading it:… Read more »

The Day I Knew Teachers Make the Difference

Dear Teachers: The school year is finding its groove now, but questions about the financing and implementation of education remain.  It is presumptuous of me to assume that I have any wisdom to share with you, professionals in the field. However, since I am a writer and, as a breed, we are a group of individuals who believe we have… Read more »