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The Day I Didn’t Scratch My Face Off

It’s springtime! Signs of life are all around us, with little critters and animals scurrying about, flowers in full bloom, and trees filling out their canopies of leaves…and I want to pop out my eyeballs, dunk them in Benedryl, and stay holed up in my air-conditioned house until…oh, I don’t know…maybe winter? Since my breast cancer diagnosis, seasonal allergies, which began in… Read more »

The Day My Black Thumb Upgraded to Swampish-Green

  When I step out of the minivan at the local gardening center, you can hear and feel the rush of air, as if every plant in the place is sucking up as much oxygen as possible in preparation of selection. They can feel me coming, and their little sapling stems strain in the other direction. They can sense a… Read more »