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The Day Nerves Were on my Nerves

  I’ve been snippy lately, and it isn’t just because of the country’s political climate. For the past few months, the occasional discomfort, muscle twinges, and tingly jolts on and around my chest since my breast cancer journey began have crescendoed into constant pain. When I first get up in the morning, I feel normal. I awake without thinking about… Read more »

The Day I Didn’t Laugh

amy   September 29, 2016   Comments Off on The Day I Didn’t Laugh

  When nervous, I break out the comedy. It’s a family trait; my dad and my brothers do the same thing. We go into full stand-up mode when tension gets thick. I’m not sure how my mother has dealt with it over the years, and I suspect she considers all four of us annoying because of it. It’s tough to… Read more »

The Day I Found Worms in my Salad

I use mealtimes in our home to teach my four young children about nutrition. Every meal comes with me cheering on the health benefits of a vegetable, and also me trying to sell them on how I prepared it. One evening, the kids were complaining that they were tired of my vegetable experiments. To keep the peace, I made them… Read more »