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The Day Books Got Me Through

amy   March 3, 2016   Comments Off on The Day Books Got Me Through

  Reading, and the escapism it affords, have been comforts in my life for as long as I can remember. It was disappointing to me, after giving birth to Baby #1, to discover that my new-found “Mommy Brain” was mucking that up. It was difficult to concentrate on what I was reading when I could actually stay awake long enough… Read more »

The Day I Lived Groundhog’s Day Again–and Again

This week, I met a lovely woman who suffered a stroke a year ago. She and I commiserated over short term memory issues and word finding difficulties. She told me how, after her recovery was established, she and her family would laugh when she misspoke. She said they were patient when she recounted the same grocery store incident three times,… Read more »

The Day I Couldn’t Remember 2014

In 2002, I bought a Christmas journal. It’s a simple book with room to record 25 years worth of holiday seasons. I write down the gifts given and received, what cookies I baked, what celebrations we attended and what food was served. I also make note of the weather on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as well as how much… Read more »

The Day I Judged Too Quickly

amy   December 3, 2015   Comments Off on The Day I Judged Too Quickly

    Writers are an arrogant breed. We carry ourselves with the conviction that we have something worthwhile to say, that we should not only be allowed to express our thoughts, but that those ideas should also be received. We convey our observations so that the reader can view the world through our eyes, and with the hope that our… Read more »

The Day I Gave up on Time Drains

It’s true, we all do it. Each one of us has intended to complete a task planning to stay focused and motivated, and then we find ourselves distracted and moving in a different direction. I’m as guilty as the next person for getting mixed up with time drains. A sampling: Web surfing: I’ll start out with good intentions, going to… Read more »

The Day I Didn’t Have It Together

The other day I saw an acquaintance that I haven’t spoken to since before I began this blog. She commented on how great my hair looks (because it’s long enough now to help others forget I had breast cancer) and how color is back in my face (I wasn’t sure if this referred to the lack of chemo’s graying effects… Read more »

The Day the Hum of Routine Quieted

Certain people across the globe like routine, and they treasure predictability, structure, and uniformity. They thrive when expectations are clearly defined, when schedules are set, when consistency rules the day. These people can be found almost anywhere, and they are called toddlers. It’s ironic that these same monotonous-loving creatures can surprise us with their own unpredictable actions. I learned early… Read more »

The Day We Instituted Birthday Compliments

  Birthdays are a big deal, especially to children. We have an astonishing number of immediate family birthdays in January: grandparents, aunts, uncles, Baby #4, and myself. March is a packed month, too, with not only multiple extended family birthdays but also a potential Easter celebration in there as well. Baby #1 and Baby #3 were born in March on… Read more »