The Day I Posted on Cure Diva

My fear of sharing my writing is not obvious, since this blog exists. In truth, I have spent many hours of my life creating and editing, reworking and then storing away what I labored over but then deemed not worthy to share. It was through the persistent encouragement of a friend  that Worms in my Salad began, and it was through the request of another, Nancy, that I finally submitted a piece to Cure Diva.

Since I haven’t been feeling well this week after my insurance company kicked me off of Lyrica, I’ve decided to pull myself out of self-pity by reminding myself what I’ve accomplished by creating this blog. There are women and men out there with hereditary cancer that find a few minutes of entertainment or comfort from what I write, and there are others who take the time to educate themselves about the reality of breast cancer survivors by clicking on the links I post.

Personal milestones, whether they be big or small in the eyes of others, are crucial to propel us through difficult times. Today I share my post on Cure Diva, an excellent site for women diagnosed with breast cancer.  Wherever you are in your personal journey today, remember that you should be proud of yourself. We all have room for improvement, but not one of us should expect to be perfect. No matter what obstacles in your life you have faced or are facing, you matter and you are loved.

So if you stop by my house and see its current state of disarray, half-decorated for Christmas and with the kids’ possessions strewn about, I’ll still welcome you in. I’d rather take the time to talk with you and revel in the beauty of our connection before I finish hanging up those damn lights, anyway.  I’m going to remember what matters the most and not put pressure on myself to be or feel more than I am in this very moment.  I hope you take time today to do the same.